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Accidents are far too common in the modern era workplace.

PCC provides training, risk assessment and critical lift planning BEFORE your job so you can avoid an accident.

We also provide specialized rigging support, accident investigation, due diligence assessment and expert testimony if you have an accident.

  • Since 1995, PCC has been called upon to investigate many construction and industrial work place accidents.
  • From each, we can learn, improve and avoid future accidents.

Shown below are pictures of recent accidents demonstrating the dangers associated with crane and rigging operations.

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Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation Overview:  Statistics tell us that over 86% of construction and industrial work place accidents are pre-destined to happen before the operation is started. Mr. Orr has been quoted in a New York Times interview, “…[accidents] usually happen not for one single reason, but for a series of reasons.”

  • Our accident investigation experience tells us that lapses in planning, inspection, preventative maintenance and training all play a significant role in this accident experience.
  • Our consultation, inspection, training, planning and specialized services all focus on Accident Prevention. However, when an accident happens, the actions taken immediately after the event are critical and should be managed by professionals.

Accident Investigations: PCC’s accident investigation services are available 24 Hours a day/365 days a year throughout North America. Accidents are not planned and must be responded to immediately. When called upon, PCC will dispatch professional investigators to the accident scene to:

  • Secure the scene
  • Document the accident scene (sketches, drawings, video and audio recordings)
  • Interview all involved parties
  • Provide consultation and planning for Post-Accident Recovery (as required) to ensure structures are safe and equipment is up-righted safely without further damage.

Accident Re-Construction: Upon completion of a thorough investigation, PCC will prepare a factual report with a computer generated logic diagram identifying the critical and casual factors and identify the root cause of accident.

  • Summary of Services

    • Expert Witness
    • On-Site Safety Audits
    • Accident Investigation
    • Operator Certification Training
    • Pre-purchase Inspections
    • Fall Protection Training
    • Risk Management Analysis
    • Critical Lift Planning
    • Rigger Certification Training
    • Accident Recovery Operations
    • Annual Inspections
    • Due Diligence Assessment
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  • Our Location

    15 Abajo Court Edgewood
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    Who We Are

    PCC is a respected leader in steel erection, crane and rigging industries. Our current and past clients include private sector companies such as Intel, Molycorp Mine, Gardner Zemke, Hensel Phelps Construction, Bechtel and many others. Our government clients include the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Los Alamos.

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